2012 Submissions

snowblind Heavy Metal Song
Opeth - To Rid the Disease Pt2 Classic Rock Song
Opeth - To rid the Disease Classic Rock Song
The Southren Deathstyle Heavy Metal Song
KoT - Mightnights Classical Song
KoT- To rid the diease General Rock Loop
The woods. (w/vocals) Heavy Metal Song
KoT - Lord of Storm and War Classical Song
The woods... V2 Heavy Metal Song
KoT - Haunted Classical Loop
KoT - Mysterious Classical Loop
Nation of the Okra Ambient Loop

2005 Submissions

Glorious Return Classical Loop
Rebirth of Dawn 2 Classical Song
Rebirth of Dawn Classical Song
Gravesend v2 Goth Song
Midnights' Part 2 Ambient Song
Midnights' Goth Song
Gravesend Classical Song
Demon of the fall Heavy Metal Song
Delayed Again Miscellaneous Song
Lost Wisdom Ambient Song
The Still Chasm Heavy Metal Loop
The Dark Fields Ambient Song
The Heart's Woe Classical Song
Dark Intro Classical Loop
Orion Heavy Metal Song
Shepherd & the Maiden Ghost Classical Song
The Woods of Deep Cove Heavy Metal Song